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When you work with Five Star Luxury Travel you place your home with a team of highly skilled experts that will deliver the five star experience you deserve. 


From the latest software and cutting edge marketing to personalized on the ground property managers, we offer the highest standard of service with your best interests in mind. We are the fastest growing luxury property management company in Miami and we are looking for new condos to bring into our portfolio. 

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Jennifer and her team have exceeded my expectations. My condos are bringing in wonderful rental income. Far more than they would through the hotel program. I recommend them to everyone. 

Richard E. - Boston, MA

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What We Do That Our Competitors Don't

While our competitors operate listings in some of the same buildings we do, they don't perform nearly half as well. This is because we specialize in five star condo hotels and don't deviate from this. Nobody else can say this!

  • Unlimited

    Owner Use

    We allow owners flexibility to use their condos whenever they desire. Through our owners portal, owners can see when their condos are available and block dates for their use. 

  • No Long

    term Contracts

    Our contracts are terminable at anytime. Owners are not obligated to use our services unless they are completely satisfied. With the click of a button contracts can be terminated.

  • Highest Returns On Investment

    We surpass our competitors month after month in rental income. Our targeted marketing ensures we reach travelers who would otherwise book directly through the hotel.

  • Low Management


    We charge a flat 20% management fee and no hidden fees. Owners don't need to worry excess accounting, maintenance or supply charges.  We take care of everything!

5 Reasons You Should Join Now!

  • HighOccupancy The Entire Year

    While hotel programs don't mind having units sit vacant, we make sure your condo has reservations the entire year without having to sacrifice rental rates.

  • Personalized

    Home Care

    Your condo will be in better condition under our management.  Our team of dedicated property managers are meticulous and thorough.

  • Professional


    Owners have access to a local team available 7 days a week to answer and assist with questions, concierge, accounting, maintenance and more.

  • Dynamic & Robust Marketing

    We market on every major search engine and social media platform. We put our properties right in front of travelers looking to book through hotels.

  • Live Owners


    Live calendars, real-time web based owners portal, financial tracking, automated statements, revenue forecast, reports and analysis. 

Platforms Optimized For Conversions

Designed for more reservations

Increase your properties rental revenue and enjoy

high occupancy and repeat guests.

Over 80% of our reservations are direct bookings!

International travel partners

User friendly platform

Instant online bookings

Streamlined guest experience

Custom itineraries

Tailored destinations

Expertly Crafter Team

Designed for more reservations

Distribution Channels

Exposure on all top search engines and marketing channels

  • Guest App

    Guests can see and manage their current and past reservations and book concierge services.

  • Maintenance App

    Owners can schedule and manage all maintenance issues from their cell phones. 

  • Housekeeping App

    Owners can see all housekeeping activities and can schedule services from their cell phones.

  • Homeowner App

    Owners can see management reports, live calendars, block out dates...

Matching Luxury Clientele with Luxury Properties


Why use our services

What makes us better

  • Management Fees

    We have low management fees of only 20%!  There are no hidden or extra fees to worry about.

  • Accounting

    Owners are sent a monthly and annual accounting report that can be downloaded digitally.

  • Marketing

    We market properties on all of the top search engines, direct mail, print media, and social media. 

  • Reservations

    Our Internet based system allows us to maximize bookings and increase owners revenue.

  • Service

    Guest and owner apps available for booking rsvps, managing rsvps, concierge, and more. 


Services For Owners

Custom tailored for convenience and flexibility


Low Management Fees

While our competitors charge 25% - 30% and have hidden fees, we only charge 20% and have no hidden fees.

Unlimited Owner Use 

We allow owners flexibility to use their condos whenever they like. Through our web based owners portal, owners can see when their condos are booked in 'real-time' and can block out dates for use. 

Monthly Accounting

Owners can see past and future reservations along with a full breakdown of rental income. This included nightly rental rates, any taxes that were charged, cleanings and even added services. 

Monthly Reporting of Occupancy Taxes

We collect and remit all state and local lodging taxes. 

Management Reports

For transparent updates we offer a variety of different management and reservation reports that can be downloaded with the touch of a button. 

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to be placed on our website.

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Jennifer Restrepo, CEO and Founder


Five Star Luxury Travel was founded in 2013 to meet very specific needs in high-end resort living travel.  Five Star Luxury Travel is a unique service that transforms the lives of both vacationers and property owners alike.  Jennifer Victores created the company to transform the condo hotel experience for everyone. The company manages the investments of owners, bringing them up to a three times higher return on their investment than they could otherwise get. A 90% occupancy rate is achieved through specialized one-on-one concierge service and a five star management style that keeps condos in top shape.


For vacationers, Five Star Luxury Travel provides the ultimate in luxury accommodations and pampering for a fraction of the price. The company caters to both celebrities and those who wish to be treated like such. Five star service is what guests receive with services that go above and beyond including: grocery shopping, transportation, and personalized concierge service that you can’t get from a hotel all while enjoying the full range of activities and amenities the hotel has to offer.


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